LeadHer’s Statement on Women

LeadHer believes God created both male and female in the image of a triune God who lives in an equal relationship as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Genesis 1:27). We believe God created men and women to work together in partnership with one another to fulfill the great commission that Jesus called all believers to (Matthew 28:19-20). We believe this commissioning command was meant not only for the eleven disciples but through them to believers of all ages, races, genders, and backgrounds in all generations of the church.

We believe God’s creation of man first does not place him in a position of authority or dominance over women. Rather, we believe woman was created as an equal helper, a partner to man, so they could work together to complete the work God tasked them with (Exodus 18:4, Deuteronomy 33:7,26,29, Psalm 20:2, Psalm 33:20, Psalm 70:5, Psalm 89:19, Psalm 115:9-11, Psalm 121:1-2, Psalm 124:8, Psalm 146:5, Hosea 13:9).

We believe spiritual gifts are not gender specific and God is able to gift and equip both men and women for service to Him in any way He chooses (1 Corinthians 12). We believe God can and does call and anoint women to preach His word, lead His people, and serve Him in full time ministry. We do not believe a woman’s gender disqualifies her from being used by God in any way He equips and calls her.

We believe a woman’s voice matters and should never be silenced on the basis of her gender. To silence the voice of a woman is to miss out on experiencing half of the heart of God. We believe in the value of women everywhere and strongly condemn any attempts to minimize the worth of a woman through acts of violence, aggression, abuse, oppression, restriction, or enslavement. We believe women and men throughout the world deserve equal access to education, safety, health care, career, and ministry opportunities.

We believe Jesus led by example in the way He ministered to and included women among His close followers. Jesus broke cultural traditions in the way He interacted with women on a regular basis (Luke 7:36-50, Luke 8:42-48, Luke 10:38-42, John 4:1-42, John 8: 1-11, John 20:1-18). We believe Jesus’ example clearly shows His heart for women to be included in the ministry of the church and that His death and resurrection revoked the Genesis 3 curse that was spoken at the fall of man.

We believe the Apostle Paul’s own behavior affirms an approach to women leading in the church as many of the co-labors Paul mentions in scripture were women he allowed to teach and lead in his churches (Romans 16:1-3, 7, Ephesians 4:11, Philippians 4:2 ). Paul himself also proclaims in Galatians 3:28 there is “neither male nor female” for all are one now in Christ. We believe  Paul’s teachings in 1 Corinthians 14:34 and 1 Timothy 2:12 were to address specific situations at specific churches during specific times.