If you have been following LeadHer on Facebook in the last month, you have noticed the promotions for our Spring RoadTrip. This is an exciting adventure our LeadHer team embarks on several times throughout the year to visit as many chapters as possible in a specific region. Driving thousands of miles, visiting multiple states, and praying over every city we pass, this trip has become an important staple to our ministry.

The reason? Because this is what LeadHer is all about: building personal relationships. The heart and soul of LeadHer Local Chapters is to create a place for community: a community with other women which models and encourages community with God. Our relationships with one another are supposed to be deep, genuine, and real. And when we discover these friendships- we are blessed with a vision for the kind of relationship God longs to have with us. Grounded on trust, fed by the fulfillment of friendship, and brimming with mutual adoration, God longs to really know us and to be really known by us. That is why authentic friendship with one another is so incredibly important. And we see this modeled in our chapters over and over.

But one thing that truly sets LeadHer apart is that LeadHer is not an organization marked by these separate local chapters all over the world, but every local chapter comes together to create a greater community within LeadHer. Our LeadHer Local Coordinators are part of our family. Our team has a passion for providing resources to develop personal leadership, creating platforms and programs to facilitate relationships, and for truly getting to know the LeadHers who sacrifice so much to lead and love the women in their cities.

This is why the RoadTrip matters. Because it’s an opportunity for us to connect one on one with the girls who we have grown to love and champion. It’s a chance for us to experience the culture of the communities that our LeadHer members are missionaries in every day as they learn to make their worship their witness. And it’s personal occasion to visit new cities and connect one on one with the women in those cities who share the same vision and have a calling to connect women across age, race, denomination, and background and to challenge them to grow in their faith and leadership.

The LeadHer RoadTrip is about personal connections. It’s about hearing stories, praying over needs, and celebrating victories. It’s about watching chapters come together to multiply their impact for Christ across cities and states. It’s about building new chapters, encouraging struggling chapters, and challenging striving chapters to become more Christ-like in everything they do.

As we embark on our Spring RoadTrip to Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma, our LeadHer Team is anxious, prayerful, and beyond excited. We will be stopping in several cities to host informational coffees for women to simply come, hear about LeadHer, ask questions, and learn about what it takes to start a chapter in their communities. We will also be visiting our 7 chapters in these states with the intention of getting to simply spend time with them, love on them, and encourage them in the work they are already doing.

We invite you to visit our website to see a full list of the cities we will be visiting for our Spring RoadTrip! Each informational coffee and chapter visit has it’s own Facebook event linked to our website RoadTrip Page which we invite you to share with the people you may know in those communities!