Written by Christie Love, Founder and Executive Director of LeadHer

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Four years ago, I asked 200 women in churches from coast to coast two simple questions:

  1. Do you think of yourself as a leader?
  2. Why or why not?

Of those women, 67% of them said they did not see themselves as a leader. They gave a wide range of reasons; lack of title, no formal education, absence of training in leadership, fear of conflict, lack of confidence, lack of opportunity as a woman, their age, and uncertainty how to lead.

Only 33% of these women saw themselves as a leader; however, 100% of them were influencing and impacting others around them every day. The women I talked to were teachers, nurses, business owners, mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, neighbors, wives, ministry leaders, community leaders, and friends. I saw each of them as a leader; but few of them saw it for themselves.

My heart was burdened.

I saw a need to open the eyes of women to help them see themselves as God sees each of them; capable, qualified, and positioned to impact the world through both their relationships and their roles of responsibility.

I saw how desperately women needed to be challenged to understand their daily impact on the lives of others and be challenged and equipped to steward that impact for God’s glory.

I wrestled with this burden for years, feeling unqualified and unable to solve the problem. However, I knew God was asking me to do something. I asked Him to guide and direct me… LeadHer Local was the direction he provided.

Chapter Collage1Chapters meeting twice a month, each month focused on different discipleship topics.

Challenging women to go deeper in their faith and reach out further in obedience.

Women coming together in their communities across denominational divisions.

Different ethnicities uniting and building bridges of friendship and faith.

Women of different age generations coming together to encourage and teach one another.

Encouraging women to see the impact that they make and then equipping them to lead with intention each day.

This is the heart of any LeadHer Local chapter.

Through these chapters we have seen faith grown, marriages saved, callings discovered, courage generated, healing happen, salvations accepted, forgiveness found, and obedience displayed. We have seen mothers and daughters come together – both growing individually as their relationship grows. We have seen older women mentor and encourage younger women.

We have seen younger women step up to lead and find their voice. Through LeadHer Local we are seeing lives changed and through them- communities impacted.

Chapter collage2

There are many things that make LeadHer Local chapters unique- one of which is that they do not meet in private homes but in public locations. We have chapters meeting in churches, libraries, communities centers, coffeehouses, public schools, on military basis, in local businesses, and on college campuses!

Another thing that makes our chapters unique is their cost. Our local chapters are 100% free for women to start and for women to join in their communities. All of the materials and training provided to our chapter coordinator is 100% free. All of our LeadHer Live events that are done around the country are 100% free for women in those areas to attend. There is no membership fee, registration fee, or ticket price that stands between a woman and her ability to connect, grow, and develop as a LeadHer!

We are able to do this because of the support of the organizations, churches, and individuals that believe in our mission to challenge and grow women in their faith, leadership, and relationships. We are so blessed by each person and organization that has made a financial commitment to help us continue to equip our current chapters as well as start new ones- through their monthly gift.

Starting in October, we will begin to not only plant LeadHer Local chapters in the United States… but we will be opening up the doors to international chapters as well. Our heart is to challenge women around the globe to see their influence and steward it in a way that impacts our world for God’s glory!

SGF August 2015 meetingWith expanded ministry comes expanded expenses so to accomplish this big vision… we need your help! We are working to raise $1,200 in new monthly support by the end of September! These additional funds will:

  • Help support a third full-time staff member. Hannah is an amazing young woman who knows that God is calling her to our team. She is passionate about women around the world and eager to help us bring LeadHer to them to challenge their faith and develop their leadership!
  • Help us increase our coordinator training and resource area to help all LeadHer  coordinators better lead and build their local chapters.
  • Fund increased shipping expenses for international chapters.

We would like to ask you to consider partnering with us as a new supporter and help us change the world… one chapter… one woman at a time. Here are the links to just a few of the many stories of women that have been impacted in a LeadHer Local Chapter. We invite you to take a few moments to listen to or read their stories as you prayerfully consider this important invitation.

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