LeadHer Local

Challenging and Growing women to impact the World for Christ.

Our LeadHer Local chapters are the foundation of our ministry. Through these chapters that meet twice a month, members are united, face to face, with women of different ages, backgrounds, denominations, and walks of life. LeadHer Local chapters meet in a variety of public locations including:Seymour


Coffee shops


College Campuses


Military Bases 

Community Centers

big or small

The purpose of our chapters is to gather women from the community to together grow in their faith and in their leadership. The connections that develop in our chapters serve as a catalyst for women to encourage one another to grow in three ways: spiritually, leadership skills,and relationship skills. We believe that growing women in these areas will equip them to live each day with intention and purpose for Christ and thereby impact and elevate The Church in their community and around the world.


In 2015 the theme of discussions will be: Mission 365. 

Each month women will be challenged to make gospel-centered living and leading an everyday lifestyle. It will be a theme that will lead women to grow in both her faith and her leadership skills!  Connect to a local chapter near you to be a part of the Mission 365 journey. If there is no local chapter in your area then consider starting  LeadHer Local Chapter in your community!



Our Chapters are FREE for women to Start and to Join thanks to the support of individual monthly givers as well as these Vision Supporting organizations

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