“LeadHer is a place of community.”
-Ami Evans, LeadHer Local DFW TX Coordinator

“LeadHer is about doing life together with on another on our knees.”
-Kim Bausinger, LeadHer Local Carthage MO Coordinator

“LeadHer is all about relationships. Connecting to Jesus and
connecting to other women in the chapter.”
-Shiwonda Harris, LeadHer Local Baton Rouge, LA Coordinator


Almost every conversation about LeadHer starts with the phrase, women desire connection. It’s one of the beautiful pieces of the intricate design of women. We were made for relationship. But too often, we find reasons to justify the isolation; children, marriage, careers, parents, the home, the standards and expectations put on by society. What is so incredibly hard to speak into isolation is that the heart of a woman is designed by the Creator after His own heart to be sacrificial. She serves, she leads, she loves. But it is not often that she allows herself to be served, led and loved.

LeadHer Local Chapters reach from coast to coast and now extend into Canada and India. They are communities and a culture of women of all ages that speak out against the silent epidemic of isolation and fight out loud for the God-designed call of the church to be relational. In LeadHer Local Chapters women find relationship with one another, they are connected to their purpose and passions to guide them farther into their calling, and they are drawn deeper into relationship with God.

March 29th, a new group of Coordinators will go through the Jumpstart Training process to further develop their leadership and receive step-by-step coaching on the process of bringing this culture to their communities.

If this resonates with your heart, we challenge you to pray about connecting to a chapter in your community. You can visit our website to either Find a Chapter or to receive further information about Starting a Chapter.