We are humbled and honored anytime that LeadHer has a chance to play a role in a woman’s story. For some women they get involved with LeadHer for a lifetime. For others, LeadHer is a season and stepping stone on the path that God has called them to.

Here are a some stories of how a season in LeadHer impacted these amazing leaders:

Janelle Reed, Founder of SingleMomzRock

I founded SingleMomzRock, an outreach in Springfield, MO that encourages and supports single mothers through partnering with agencies who provide resources as well as creating events all year long. I started with LeadHer in 2011 as a chapter member and quickly moved into the roll of National Events Coordinator. I also co-led the Springfield chapter of LeadHer with founder Christie Love.

Through LeadHer I found my passion and purpose of creating and leading events for women. After going through a divorce and being challenged in my faith through LeadHer, I felt called to start SingleMomzRock.

For the past five years, I have worked diligently in my community to create a safe place for single mom’s to connect with and support one another. Our moms meet monthly for study groups as well as have fun events all year long.

Through this journey, I have become passionate about single mom’s in poverty and have started championing for that issue on a local and even state level.

I am so thankful for my time in LeadHer, if it wasn’t for this organization I know that SingleMomzRock would still just be a “what if” instead of WHAT IT IS today.

Learn more about SingleMomzRock by visiting their website! 

Ami Evans, Licensed Counsler

I was involved with LeadHer as a member and coordinator for 4 years, 2012-2016. LeadHer had an impact in my life, relationship with God and others, and in my work as a professional counselor and business owner.

LeadHer has given me community and a cause. I am so grateful for all the amazing connections of women across the country that have poured into my life. They gave me the courage to do anything that God has asked and called me to do. Participating in LeadHer helped me to see my purpose for women and helping them know their identity in Christ and living out their purpose planted within them by their loving Father.

LeadHer gave me effective leadership skills. Being a part of Christie’s mentoring program and studying books on leadership challenged my perspective and encouraged me to be a stronger and more effective at servant leadership in whatever capacity. Something that still challenges me today and a reminder from my mentoring and training is to act with courage. This prompts me to make decisions from a place of courage and not fear and indecision.

It was a very difficult decision to leave LeadHer as coordinator of a local chapter, but I knew God was calling me to a new season of opportunities to practice what I learned from LeadHer. Since I left in the fall of 2016, my counseling practice has grown by me adding interns that I am leading and developing them in their callings, gifts, and talents. My influence and opportunities to inspire continues to expand. I have done a live radio broadcast. I am now a monthly featured blogger for professional women’s site, called Plaid for Women, writing about Marriage and Family. I continue to seek what God has for me and how he wants me to lead and influence the “LeadHer” way. I have so much gratitude for this ministry and the imprint it has left on my heart.

Katie Goldsmith, Seminary Student
While most women have been introduced to LH through relationships with chapter members, my invitation came from a direct leading of the Holy Spirit. 
It was November of 2011 when I rather randomly stumbled across www.leadher.org while doing some research on a blog I was writing.  The mission and vision of LeadHer resonated well with the new passion in my own heart to help women grow in authentic relationships with one another and in their relationship with Christ.  Over the next several months I continued to respond in obedience to a number of callings in my life, including launching the only LeadHer Chapter at the time in all of the western U.S.  
During those four years I was blessed to partner with co-cordinators locally as well as the national LH ministry team to encourage and challenge one another and the women in our chapter.  As a result of how God used LeadHer as a catalyst for growth in my own life, I am now serving on the Women’s Ministry Leadership team at my home church and in the fall of 2016 I was obedient to a  call to continue my formal education by pursuing another advanced degree in seminary, but mostly I have learned to love God and love people more authentically.
While the season of coordinating a chapter has come to an end, the impact on my life continues – “I am a LeadHer!