The heart of LeadHer is to connect women of all ages, stages in life, occupations and in all communities. Located all over the globe, military bases act as communities within communities. As transition and frequent moves become a lifestyle for these families, connection is needed and desired. LeadHer strives to bring together the women on a military base to build friendships as they are challenged to grow in their faith. Ultimately, as women are united so are their husbands, their children and their families. Starting  LeadHer chapter on a military base not only brings the women closer together and closer to God, but it also brings the community closer together.

One of our visions for LeadHer is to see chapters start on every military base so that as these families are relocated, they have a consistent resource and community to connect with. Every chapter watches the same teaching video every month so that women all over the country are having the same conversations about the same topics. This provides connection that is not only created within the community, but also nationwide.

LeadHer Local Coordinator Honolulu, Hawaii, Erin, shares her personal desire to see a LeadHer start on her military base. “I can’t tell you how much I believe in this ministry and how needed it is for us women on base. Most of these women are the ones who are picking up their lives to follow husbands where they are called to go-over and over again- every time praying for godly friends and connections. Having chapters on military bases is something that is familiar to us because it is founded on making these connections and on faith… this is a HUGE blessing and need on bases all over.”