LeadHer Chapters in Schools

LeadHer’s mission of connecting women and challenging them to grow in their faith and leadership is a GREAT way for teachers and school staff members to minister to and unite their co-workers! Two days a month plan to stay after school and open up your classroom for women to come and connect.

The first meeting a month, you will show our teaching video once a month and spend time discussing it together. This video is geared to challenge women to grow in their faith and leadership. These monthly lessons will challenge women to become better leaders inside and outside of the classroom!

Use the second meeting a month for further discussion about the month’s topic, relationship building between your members, better getting to know your co-workers and developing accountability and support with one another, or getting involved in community service projects as a group!

What teachers are saying about attending LeadHer at their school:

  • “After a long day of teaching, it is very refreshing to come together to fellowship with like-minded believers who share a common goal.”
  • “Kind of like the threads of a tapestry where we can be woven together and come together stronger as the hands and feet of Christ in our school.”
  • “Being a light that shines brightly in our school gives us hope.”