LeadHer Chapters in Coffee Shops


Coffee shops represent community and connection. Every day they are filled with business men and women, college students, Ministry leaders, families and friends.

Chapters that meet in coffee shops have the unique ability to meet within the culture of the community. Many coffee shops have a private room that can be reserved twice a month, allowing for privacy for deep, vulnerable conversations.

LeadHer Local Bothell has met in a local coffee shop since their launch in 2012. Alisa McKenzie, one of the co-coordinators shares:“Meeting in a coffee shop is great. We have a private room that we can reserve and it provides quiet space that is also public space within the coffee shop . Our ladies can choose to purchase drinks or snacks. Our coffee shop is a well-known location in our community so when we invite people they are familiar with the venue. It is warm and welcoming to all women. There are no drawbacks that I can see to meeting in our coffee shop!”