Written by Christie Love, Founder of LeadHer

Last week, as I was leading a LeadHer Local Chapter meeting through a discussion on this month’s teaching video I had a leadership thought that hit me regarding passionate prayer- which is the topic that we are focused on this month. I shared this thought with the group of women that I was meeting with that day and we had a powerful conversation about the concept. Today I want to share it with our blog readers in hopes of sparking perspectives and conversations in chapters, homes, coffee shops, and quiet times.

The foundation that we are discussing this month: our prayers MUST be motivated not by routine or obligation but out of a place of passion. We have challenged our members to pray passionately for three things this month:

1. For God’s Perspective on situations
2. For God’s Purpose for them and their lives
3. For God’s people.

So with that foundation in mind- here is my leadership thought:
Leadership is motivated and molded by passion.
Leadership is matured and maintained by passionate prayer.

Allow me to unpack this thought a bit with you.

Leadership is motivated by passion: Many times it is a passion that fuels and drive a leader to do the things that they do. A person has a passion for the homeless so they create ways to meet their needs for food and shelter. A person has a passion for their children so they tireless work to raise them into the men and women that God created them to be. A person has a passion to see people living healthy lives so they develop programs to teach others about how and why it is important to eat healthy and exercise regularly. A person is passionate about their church so they volunteer and get involved where they see needs and places that their gifts and skills can be used. I could go on and on with other examples… but the point is clear- that passion is often what motivates us in leadership to push, create, sacrifice, and obey as God leads us.

Leadership is hard work– it is choosing to sacrifice our wants and desires to do what is best for those that we are leading and serving. This is true no matter what area of leadership you are looking at; home, work, community, church, friends, etc… when you lead you become intentional about impacting and influencing these people and thinking of their needs as much if not more than your own.

Leadership is maintained by prayer: Putting others needs ahead of our own does not come natural for most people. Our human nature’s default is often pride and selfishness- prayer is the way that we change this default and mature as followers of Christ. It is important that we do not look as leadership or Christian maturity as a goal to be reached but rather a position to maintain. The more that we passionately pray for the three things that we are talking about this month in our chapters- the more that our hearts change and remain changed. It is this heart change that enables leaders to truly impact the world world around them for Christ — in their homes, their workplaces, their churches, their neighborhoods, and their communities.

Passionate prayers change the world because passionate prayers change the hearts of leaders with a passion to impact the world.

I would love to hear from you- leave a comment with your thoughts below.