I was listening to the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast earlier this week and was struck by his statement:

“The stories of our organization are the evidence of our caring.  You have to have a system in place for stories to trickle up to us… so that we can disperse them out. You have to be on the lookout for stories and find ways to leverage and use them! “

I have been processing the importance of stories for leaders and have come up with these five important reasons that we need to look at ourselves as story tellers :


1.  Stories are how an organization can keep score for how their vision is being implemented and their goals accomplished.

2.  Stories are the currency that leaders use to increase and expand the territory for their organization.

3.  Stories have a special ability to put a name, a face, and a circumstance with your vision.

4. Stories grip hearts and motivate minds to find ways to engage and elevate the cause that you are championing.

5.  Stories show others how God is at work in and through the organization that he has called us to lead- they are often invitations for others to pray about how the vision God has given us may play a part in their own personal story.

Leaders must: 

Keep their eyes and ears open for stories.

Have a system to record the stories.

Develop platforms to share the stories.

Embrace their role as the not just a vision caster- but also as a storyteller.


By Christie Love, LeadHer Founder


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Leaders must embrace their role- not just as a vision caster for the organization but also as a storyteller for the organization.