Written by Holly Madden, Director of Chapter Development.

Missouri Coordinators (Dec 2014)

Coordinators from three LeadHer Local chapters in Missouri.

At the start of January 2015, we will almost double the number of LeadHer Local Chapters meeting around the country. This news is beyond exciting and one worthy of celebrating simply because that is twice the number of women that are being challenged and grown in their faith, leadership and relationships. Our heart is not to grow bigger for the sake of LeadHer, but to play a part in increasing the number of workers for the Kingdom.

With that in mind, the one-word answer to this dramatic increase is brilliant in theory but difficult to achieve in reality. It is to simplify. If we do the work, God will honor that with favor. And so we enter the new year with this in mind.
Keep it simple.
We complicate our lives by adding unnecessary expenses, relationships, material possessions, clutter, debt, and mess. It’s not a third world problem, it’s a human problem. We strive to find wholeness and success in anything but God. Life shouldn’t be about completing a checklist each and every day…Quiet time. Make breakfast. Do laundry. Work out. Feed the dog. Scrub the floor. Go to work. Talk to your co-workers. Go to church. Pick the kids up from school…and somewhere in there, try to squeeze in a date night maybe once every two months. Life should be about enjoying the mundane things that fill up our day because we have chosen to eliminate the unnecessary and fight for the necessary.
LeadHer Local Coordinators are only given a few requirements so that they have more time to lead and love on the members in their local chapters. So what does it take to become a coordinator? A passion for women, a desire to see God move and influence the hearts of women so they in turn move and influence those around them, a passion for teaching and communicating God’s word, and 10 hours a month to lead meetings, prepare for meetings, and reach out to the members in their local chapter.
We are launching 10 new chapters in January, but that growth will not stop there…. we expect to launch as many as 50 new chapters in 2015! Each challenging women to simplify their focus and maximize their impact on the world and the people around them.
We encourage you to pray about challenging and growing the women in your community by starting a LeadHer Local Chapter in your community. We have room to train 10 new Chapter Coordinators in January, will you be one of them?