This month we kicked off our new 2016 LeadHer Local Theme PrayPare in our local chapters around the nation! It has been a powerful start to what we believe will be a year of powerful growth in the lives of women who connect to these groups twice a month.

The way that LeadHer works is- we take our theme for the year and then break it down into monthly topics for women of all ages to discuss and apply to their life and leadership throughout the month. January’s topic was Detailed Prayers and our Founder, Christie Love challenged members in our teaching video to transform our often vague prayers into more focused ones so that we can better see God at work in the details of our lives.

We have heard from many women who have been deeply impacted by this challenge in January. Several said that they have experienced a new intensity and focus in their prayer life. One said that she realized how she was afraid to be specific with God before because she did not want to be disappointed- however, she is finding new confidence in prayer. Another woman shared that she was feeling closer to God then ever before as she pictured her Heavenly Father bending down to listen to her prayers.

This month’s topic and teaching has pushed women to grow in their faith, their relationships, and their leadership!

We keep this teaching video private for our LeadHer Local chapters only during the month that we are discussing it; however, at the end of the month we make it public and share it with others so that they can be challenged as well. We invite you to take some time and watch January’s video on Detailed Prayers – we hope that it pushes you to change some perspectives that you have on prayer as well.

We also invite you to pray about starting or joining a LeadHer Local chapter in your community. Watching the videos on your own is good- but connecting with other women of all ages, life stages, and faith backgrounds- is GREAT. The community that you are able to experience as like minded women come together to be real with one another, build relationships, and encourage one another to grow- is a powerful thing!

You can learn more about what it takes to start a chapter in your area by visiting our Start a Chapter page as well as connecting with us on social media. We will begin our next Jump Start training group to train LeadHer Local Coordinators in March 2016 and we would love to have you be a part of that group!

We are looking forward to continuing to watch God move in and through our LeadHer Local chapters this year as we get ready to kick off our new February theme The Foundation of Prayer in just a couple of days!