Written by

Kim Bausinger, Chapter Development Director

There is a group of women who hold my heart; we have walked life together for the last 2 years. There have been countless fits of laughter, gallons of tears, and hours upon hours of sharing our stories and sharing Jesus.  They have inspired me to be better, do better, and step out even when it’s scary or unknown.  We have prayed over heartaches and sickness as well as healings and victories.  These women are the women of LeadHer Local Carthage, Missouri.  These are my LeadHer ladies!

On a crazy plan over 4 years ago I went to my first LeadHer meeting in Springfield, Missouri, about an hour away from the town where I live.  I had seen posts on Facebook for several months, and they just wouldn’t leave me alone.  It sounded interesting, it looked biblically sound, and it just kept coming up over and over.  Yes, sometimes God has to repeat himself to me multiple times!  My daughter was in college about 30 minutes on the other side of Springfield, and we thought this would give us a chance to see each other twice a month, without her having to drive all the way home.  So the plan was made, and we met up to go to our first meeting.

Now let me explain something to you.  I am NOT a girl that walks into a room and can just jump right in to meet and mingle.  I mean I want to be that girl, but in actuality, I am trying to not throw up! So, here we are, not knowing anybody and walking into a LeadHer meeting, early.  For those of you that don’t want to melt into a puddle at social events, the only thing worse than walking into a strange place, is walking in too early.  There was a woman there named Sara that must have read the panic on our faces because she just sat down and started talking and telling us more about LeadHer.  She was welcoming, knowledgeable, and didn’t leave us alone.

I remember several of the women there that night, but more importantly I remember driving home really thinking about what I had learned.  About the real life application of what I was challenged to act upon.  About those first glimmering thoughts that God made me to be a leader.

Over the next several months I went back to that local chapter meeting.  After a few months, Christie Love, our Founder and Executive Director, starting planting seeds to begin a chapter in the town in which I live.  I ducked, covered and evaded that possibility for almost 2 years.  In the fall of 2014 another woman in my town decided she was going to start a chapter.  After all my arguing and negotiating with God, I decided to jump in and become a co-coordinator, and in January 2015, our chapter launched.  

Fast forward two years.  It is now the start of 2017, and my LeadHer adventure has taken another turn I would never have foreseen.  I actually get to work with the wonderful women that make up LeadHer every day.  At the end of 2016 I left my job in corporate America to come on staff full time at LeadHer as the Chapter Development Director. Fancy title to say I spend my days now training women who, just like me, see the benefit that LeadHer can bring to their hearts and communities.  I am blessed to be able to speak into women that are excited and on fire as well as some that are being obedient, even if it’s scary and they don’t feel overly equipped as I train them to launch their own local chapters through a program we call Jump Start.

So what is my point to this story?  To tell you I am not an extraordinary woman.  I do not have a Bible degree, or a public relations/management degree.  I sweat terribly when I have to speak in front of people, and big crowds make me want to run away.  But God does give each of us the desire to connect with each other.  The desire to want to walk through life, hold each other up, and to share His goodness and glory.  That is all that is required to start a Local LeadHer Chapter. Those women in my chapter give me the strength to overcome my feeling of insecurity, because like me they want that connection too.  

Are you missing that connection piece?  Are you telling God, just like I did, that He needs to help you find a place to get it?  Then maybe He is trying to tell YOU to check into launching a chapter in your town.  We will walk you through every step needed to get prepared, and we will continue to grow and support you after you become a coordinator.  YOU can do it!  If you are interested in finding out more about LeadHer or starting a chapter, send me an email at kim@leadher.org and I would love to answer all your questions.