Written by Christie Love, LeadHer Founder

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Each new year brings a new theme for our LeadHer Local Chapters to dig into, discuss, and apply to their life and leadership.  Every year I get excited about our new theme and expectantly wait to see how God will use it to work in women’s lives and circles of influence from coast to coast. I feel like I normally begin a new year with joy and excitement; however, this year feels different.

As 2015 waned to a close, our world seemed to erupt into an even deeper level of chaos and coldness. Refugees. Terrorists. Racial Tensions. Political Divisions. Raging Debates. Ugly Words.

My heart felt heavy as I watched the posts from those inside and outside the church talking about the issues flooding our world and our newsfeeds.

I pondered my own feelings… how was I to respond? I asked God to direct my thoughts and my actions- but I felt like the only action I was called to was too simplistic- prayer.


Pray for the world.

Pray for the lost.

Pray for the divisions.

Pray for the oppressed.

Pray for the marginalized.

Pray for yourself.

Pray for the church.

Pray for women.

Pray with women.

Pray-Pare your hearts and your minds.

Thus our 2016 LeadHer Local theme was born as I was challenged.

Prayer is not a simple action- it is a catalyst for change. Prayer changes things- because prayer changes us.

Yes, I come into a new year with a heavy heart; however, I feel strongly that: When we are heavy-hearted- the weight of our burdens must drive us first to our knees! Which is why in 2016 LeadHer is challenging women to pray- not passive prayers- but prayers to pray-pare our hearts.

LeadHer was founded five years ago on the idea that when you can connect a woman’s passion and God’s purpose then she is an unstoppable force- she becomes a LeadHer! We seek to challenge women to seek God’s purpose for their life, recognize the influence and impact that they have on the world around them and steward it daily through their words and actions!

We do this by gathering women together twice a month in their communities in LeadHer Local Chapters to meet, dig into scripture, and discuss how to apply it to their lives and leadership. Currently we have more then 30 local chapters meeting coast to coast.

We look at LeadHer as less of a “Women’s Ministry” and more of a “Movement of Women” being activated to Gospel-Centered leadership inside and outside of The Church. This year- that movement is going to be a movement of prayer.

Prayer is never a passive posture. Rather, prayer is one of the most intentional and powerful actions that a believer can engage in! Prayer is fighting- not with our words or actions… but with our trust in God’s directions and his promises!

This year, LeadHer members will be joining together to fight on our knees for:

The world.

The hurting.

The injustice.

The lost.

The Church.

We are challenging women to gain a deeper understanding of what God is calling us to individually and corporately. We believe that understanding will come through detailed, bold, persistent and humble prayers.

We are getting “Pray-Pared” in 2016- will you join us?

We invite you to by starting or joining a LeadHer Local chapter near you!