Growing and Multiplying your Chapter


Growing your Chapter

20 Ways to Grow your Chapter!

  1. Use Facebook Events and post all your upcoming meetings, events, etc.
  2. Use to send out email invitations for the above events.
  3. Create mailing lists – this will help you keep up-to-date on your members, potential members, guests, and new contacts.
  4. Have an Open House – a great way to share about your chapter with potential members/guests.
  5. Have an “Invite a Guest” challenge – find a small way to honor guests and give a small prize to those who bring one.
  6. Share our public videos through social media and other avenues. (please do not sure a current month’s teaching video till the following month!)
  7. Ask your local radio station about sharing information regarding your group, airing a quick commercial/promo, or any other way they can help.
  8. Add your meetings to community calendars.
  9. Print the meeting info flyers and post around town.
  10. Find partners to help promote at various churches and groups.
  11. Try to get the religious section of the newspaper (or local magazines) to share your story.
  12. Network with the Chamber of Commerce in your city.
  13. See if local business publications will share your meeting information.
  14. Host a LeadHer Appreciation Night, and invite local leaders to share your group with them.
  15. Ask your contacts and members to be spreading the word about LeadHer.
  16. Find moms groups, business groups, etc. to visit and tell about new chapter.
  17. Visit forums, blogs, etc. Put your FB page as your web address, and use your title as your signature.
  18. See if local businesses (doesn’t have to be Christian) will let you put a marketing flyer/ info at their check-out for visitors to grab.
  19. Send an info packet to local churches.
  20. Create a video of some of your members telling why they joined, and share it with others. Can also post this to Facebook and YouTube.
Multiplying your Chapter

There are many reasons to multiply your chapter:

1. Your chapter has gotten too big to connect on a deep level. Once a chapter exceeds 50 regular attendees, it is good to have conversations in the chapter to multiply!

2. You are the only chapter in a large city and distance is an issue for some women being able to attend.

3. The timing of your meeting may not work with the schedules of many women who are interested If your chapters meets during the day, consider starting a nighttime meeting or visa versa.

How to Multiply your Chapter:

1. Start by having a conversation with your chapter: plant the seed in chapter members to give them the opportunity to step up as a coordinator.

2. If God puts a name or two on your heart, take them out to coffee or lunch and challenge them to pray about starting another chapter.

3. If you feel called to start the second chapter, find a coordinator in your chapter to take over leadership and lead together for a few months before the chapter launch.

4. Let the LeadHer Team know before you start this process- we will schedule a phone call with you and the future coordinators to train and walk you both through the transition!