Written by Kim Bausinger, LeadHer Local Carthage, MO Coordinator
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So in LeadHer we have spent a couple months talking a lot about prayer. We’ve gotten into a good routine of praying at least daily, but aren’t doing it just out of routine. We’ve actually begun to look forward to the time we get to spend with God. We have started to see that He really is meeting us, too. The bill that got paid, the test that was passed, the fight that was reconciled. The God that answers those prayers is so happy that you talked to him about these issues. But, sweet sisters, we are playing on the T-ball team if that’s all we are doing. Its time for us to get out of the pee-wee leagues, and show up for the majors! While the bills, tests & arguments are all great things to pray over, if that’s where our praying starts & stops we are missing so much.

In Numbers 11 the people had complained to Moses about wanting meat to eat. So Moses went to God to ask for meat, so the people’s faith would be restored. (Because daily manna wasn’t enough of a miracle) While the miracles in this chapter are just that, miraculous, there is one sentence that stands out. God challenges a doubting, whining Moses with a question. “Has my arm lost its power?” Well girls, has it? The obvious answer, of course, is no. But are we praying like it has? In my life, at this particular season, I have to honestly say that has been how I was praying. I am telling you that I am neck deep in manna blessings and too full of doubt & timidity to believe God can handle more than “help my daughter pass her test & help my dad get over shingles.” Girls, I am calling BS on myself! Those that know me know there is not much timid about me. To those that don’t, I am an almost 6 foot tall Amazon who does most things with loud emotions either hot or cold. Quiet and mousey have never been used to describe me, except maybe by God, if you asked him about my prayer life.

No more sweet sisters, no more! The time has come for us to 03+Bold+Phone+1step up. To be bold in the fact that my God has NOT lost the power in his arm. Yes, we know he wins in the end, but it’s time for some victories, RIGHT NOW!! There is a war going on all around us. Ephesians talks about the battles in the heavenly places. Its going on when Satan is trying to derail our faith, when he feeds us the lies that God is not enough, or too busy or too small. The moment we believe him, and go sit quietly on the sidelines, Satan wins the battle. How easy did I just make that for him? All because I didn’t believe my God was worthy enough to take him on? Shame on me!

So, what do we do? We call down a power from heaven that can do all things. The God that sent quail to the Israelites for a month is waiting for your conversation. He wants to know those deep scary things in the back of your heart, or that dream you’re too afraid to ask for. While I want my daughter Rachel to pass her athletic training tests, graduate & pay her own bills, I need to pray for God to get me past my totally illogical control freak hang-up about my finances. That I don’t trust Him enough to step back and turn them over to Him. Because until that happens, I can’t do the dreams and opportunities He’s placed in my life like writing a devotion book and working for a non-profit ministry. I need to me on my knees begging Him to find me as one of the faithful and not destroy my country like Sodom and Gomorrah. That He lights a return path to Biblical standards that starts in my home and circle of influence. That from this day forward, no one looks at me and wonders about the condition of my heart. Do you hear the Rocky theme crescendo to an ear shattering volume? You should!! Satan has fair warning, thing are not going to be easy from now on. This girl has her boldness back!!