General Second Meetings

** This page is private for LeadHer Coordinators Only. Please do not share the information on this page.**

1. Testimony Night
~These nights are always powerful to build connections in your chapter and inspire transparency and authenticity. Our encouragement to you as a coordinator is to be willing to share how this theme has impacted you!

2. Service Projects
~ We encourage our chapters to do at least 2 service projects a year. This is a great way for members to love on the community. For a list of some ideas, click here!

3. Clothing Swap
~This is a fun activity for members to get rid of some clothes and get some new clothes, but also donate to local charity as a chapter. Thanks LeadHer Local Niceville for the awesome suggestion! Click here to learn more.

4. Letter Writing
~Encourage your chapters to write a letter based on the theme; it may be to someone in their lives, someone they don’t know (like women in a domestic violence shelter, a drug rehab home, homeless individuals, or college students that your chapter has chosen to love on), or a letter to themselves maybe at a younger age or in the future. When the women are writing the letters, put on some worship music to set the mood and encourage them to share after.

5. Victory Lap
~Springfield, MO did this activity for a a meeting on Purpose in Pain, but it could be done with any theme involving claiming a promise, purpose or truth. Read the blog to learn more. 

6. Swapping Truths
~This is one of Springfield, Missouri’s favorite activities. This is one of the most encouraging second meeting ideas and allows your members to speak into each other. Give each woman a piece of paper to put her name on and whatever else you would like for them to include (a struggle, a truth they are working to claim, a goal..etc.), then sit in a circle, put on some worship music and pass around the papers so each woman receives her paper back at the end full of notes of encouragement, verses and prayers.

7. Family Meeting
~This is great for a summer BBQ, a Christmas party or your Chapter’s Birthday Party. Encourage your members to invite their families and friends to attend and just spend time all together. Bring lots of food, do an ornament/white elephant gift exchange, and give your members an opportunity to share about why LeadHer has meant so much to them. You can also give family members a chance to share about the difference they’ve seen in their moms, wives, daughters or sisters.

8. Guest Speaker
~You can always invite a guest speaker to come in! Maybe it’s a member from your chapter or someone in the community who can contribute to the current month’s theme.

9. Worship Night
~Whether you are able recruit a live band, or simply use Youtube videos, dedicate a night to spend worshipping Jesus together!

10. Movie Night
~It’s always fun to include a night every once in a while that is simply fun! Bring popcorn or dessert and watch a movie together. There may be times where we will suggest a good movie to watch, but feel free to pick one for yourselves!



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