We are excited to be starting something brand new this month! It is called our Impact Partnership Program, an effort, to support organizations that are active in making a difference in one of five areas of ministry that we are passionate about: Gospel Advancement, Social Justice, Next Generation Leadership Development, Education, and Health and Healing.

Each month we select an organization who is working in one of the five areas and that organization will be named our LeadHer Impact Program Partner of the Month. During the month LeadHer will donate 50 cents to the Impact Partner of the Month for each like or follow that we receive on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram during their assigned month.

This month’s Impact Partner is: Nightlight International- an international organization that is working to combat human trafficking around the globe.


We invite you to take a few moments and learn more about Nightlight and the work that they are doing around the globe:

“I daily thank God that I got out, but still they try to find me, so NightLight has come to my rescue and given me a new look on life with a chance to heal and recover, not only physically, but also emotionally from the trauma. NightLight is getting me to a safe location where we can breathe again without fear or worry. We are free.”

— “May,” Trafficking Survivor

Compelled by love. To reach out to, rescue, and restore all those who are negatively impacted by sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

NightLight International is reaching out in multiple areas worldwide. Some of those areas include Bangkok, Thailand, Atlanta, GA, and Branson, MO. Each location is focused on uniquely reaching out to, rescuing, and restoring women in difficult situations to help them find a way out these circumstances.

Annie Dieselberg, the founder and CEO of NightLight International, first started with alternative employment opportunities for women in Bangkok. These employment opportunities include a coffee shop, a bakery, and a holistic jewelry business for the women in the Red Light District in Thailand. Ten years later, 35 women are learning how to make the jewelry and have the opportunity to be employed through NightLight Design while also receiving holistic restoration services through NightLight. The jewelry the women make can be purchased online and all profit goes back to the women in Bangkok. NightLight has made it possible so that you at home can host a jewelry party to help get those you know get informed about NightLight’s mission and also helping the women in Bangkok.

The NightLight Atlanta location focus on building relationships with women they encounter in the commercial sex industry to ultimately bring healing and restoration to their lives. NightLight Atlanta also has a prevention program that reaches out to children that live in high-risk neighborhoods. The prevention team focuses on building relationships with kids and providing them with a safe place to be after school, along with mentoring and tutoring, in an effort to decrease their vulnerability to being exploited.

The NightLight Branson location, which includes Branson, Springfield, and the surrounding areas, recognizes that vulnerability is a fundamental piece to why women are exploited through sex trafficking and the commercial sex industry. NightLight Branson location  focuses on outreach into the commercial sex industry, providing holistic restoration for women who have been exploited, and awareness and education within the local community.

NightLight International is making strides to change the world one woman at a time. It is their focus on equipping the women they work with, and helping them grow into the leaders they are called to be, that made us desire to partner with them this month; to highlight their efforts, share their story, and support their vision with a LeadHer Impact Award!

If you want to know more about how you can host a NightLight Design jewelry party or get connected in making a difference with NightLight International, visit their website at http://www.nightlightinternational.com/.