Written by Holly Kurtz, LeadHer Director of Chapter Development  (Connect with Holly on Facebook or Twitter)

Sitting in my Local LeadHer meeting this week, I found myself captivated by the room before me. All ears were tuned to a painful testimony of struggle; listening, not an eye was dry in the room. As I observed this crowd of women, making up a variety of generations, backgrounds, life seasons and struggles, I became very aware that where so often we see differences, all these women shared one beautiful thing in common. They are overcomers.

In fact, as I drove one of our younger members home following the meeting, we rocked out to Mandisa’s song, Overcomer- claiming the truths and reminders that with God as our rock and our guide, we are capable of rising above even the harshest of realities.

I find it insightful that our topic this month is Purpose in Pain. It’s not Purpose from Pain or Purpose after Pain- because to wait for an end of the pain would only drive us into a place of hopeless struggle and discouragement. We are not guaranteed a timeline or a finish line, only the strength to endure and a purpose to heal.

Here is my encouragement to you…

You are defined by your survival, not by the struggle. You are an overcomer.

As an overcomer- you are called to own your title. In the middle of battle, even when the war seems lost, a general remains a general, a commander, a commander and a soldier, a soldier. The title is not lost because the war wages on. So own your title.

It is your responsibility to move ahead. So move ahead fearlessly. Step out of your comfort zone, take a risk, listen to God, lean on your battle buddies and claim the purpose that is yours. The key is not in the absence of fear, but rather the ability to appear fearless before the enemy.

Fearlessness looks like standing up when it would be easier to remain in the fetal position. Fearlessness looks like taking the risk, even though the world says it’s not worth it. Fearlessness looks like faith that God is in control even though you are not.
Fearlessness looks like prayer instead of grasping for solutions.
Fearlessness looks like hope.

Wherever you find yourself today, whether that’s looking back at a struggle, looking ahead to one that’s coming, or unable to see at all because the storm of struggle is so strong, find hope in this- your DNA was written to survive. Your power to overcome is renewed and recharged each day by the maker of the universe. So move ahead fearlessly. I believe in you.