Written by Christie Love

This month our LeadHer Local Chapters have been talking about the theme of Send Me Prayers. We have been looking closely at the prophet Isaiah’s proclamation in Isaiah 6:8, “Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me.” (NLT)

Though it is not recorded directly in scripture, I have confidence that this was not the only time that these words left Isaiah’s lips. When I look at the life and leadership of Isaiah and the way that God used this man during a time of spiritual apathy in the nation of Israel – I have to assume that Isaiah reconfirmed his availability with God on a regular, if not daily basis through prayers for wisdom, direction, and strength.

You see, when we pray with boldness “Here I am Lord- send me, use me, direct me!” we are placing ourselves in a posture of constant availability. This prayer is not a one time challenge to meet or short-term commitment to uphold; rather, praying “Send Me” prayers permanently transforms our perspective, our direction, and our activity.

I often wish that I had the ability and resources to sit down over a cup of coffee with every one of our LeadHer Local coordinators and members one on one to hear their stories and encourage their hearts. Today that desire is especially strong because I feel that God has planted a critical word of encouragement in my heart for each of you as this month’s theme is drawing to a close. I deeply want to be able to look each of you in the eye as I share with you this spirit-breathed phrase that God has laid on my heart but since I cannot do that in person… I offer it to you here and pray that it connects with wherever you are on your faith journey with God at this time:

Dear sister, don’t stop.

All sisters–  Your divine design is not by accident. You are who you are and you are where you are for reason. Don’t stop looking for those reasons; strangers that come across your paths, coworkers in need of encouragement, neighbors in need of community. Don’t stop striving to see the world around you through God’s eyes.

Younger women-Don’t stop looking for ways that you can contribute to a cause that you are passionate about. Don’t stop searching for channels to funnel your passion and enthusiasm through into the world. When those channels cannot be found- don’t stop there– make a way where there is not one. Use your energy as a catalyst for change in the world around you! When someone tells you that you are too young- don’t let that stop you. Instead, show them by your consistency and your activity that God can and will use us as he continues to grow us no matter our age or experience!

Older women– Don’t throw in the towel or wave the white flag. Don’t check out on this generation that is in desperate need of your wealth of wisdom and insight! There may be times that you feel like you are not as effective as you used to be- I assure you that is not true! We need you and more importantly we want you to be in the trenches with us- don’t stop. Find people to pour into, find causes to get involved in, find ways to maximize your time and your energy- do not stop. As long as you are living and breathing – God still has a plan and a purpose for you so please for the sake of the Gospel- do not stop praying “Send me, O God!”.

Women in the workplace– You have been called to shine your light into your workplaces. You have been called to be a walking witness to your co-workers day in and day out. Don’t stop shining. Be ever aware of the impact that your words and actions can have on those who do not yet know Jesus the way that you do. When they mock you or reject you- don’t stop showing them the love of Christ. When you feel outnumbered or overlooked because of your faith or your gender- don’t stop or stoop; stand strong in whose you are and where he has placed you! On the days that it is hard to juggle your personal life and your professional life- don’t stop- don’t give up- seek God for help. On the days when guilt nags at your mind- don’t stop- seek God for truth.

Women in ministry– The church needs you. She needs your gifts, she needs your voice, and she needs your leadership. Don’t stop praying for doors to open so that you can leverage your leadership within her walls. Don’t stop showing up. Don’t stop believing in the church. Don’t stop asking questions and having conversations that challenge limitations on you because of your gender. Don’t stop offering your gifts. Don’t stop seeking for places that will allow you to walk in the fullness of your calling. Don’t stop believing that the God who created you also called you- be confident in him and his plans for you in His church.

Sisters– Whoever you are. Wherever you are- please, please don’t stop. Don’t stop seeking God’s direction and plan for your life. EVERY single one of you have been created and called for a unique and critical purpose– don’t stop trying to find out what yours is. Don’t stop gathering the courage to follow where he leads you.

Don’t stop praying, “Here I am God- send me!” Never, ever stop. Until the day that God calls you home… start every day with that bold prayer. I promise you this- if you don’t stop praying that prayer- you will be changed from the inside out and the world around you and beyond you will be touched and transformed by your availability and your obedience!


Christie Love

Christie Love

Founder, Executive Director of LeadHer

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