Dearest Daughter, 
I write this letter to you- not to condemn your actions- but to speak to your heart. I write not to change you but to encourage you. I see you inside and out, I am with you always, and I know that if you are being honest…. you are weary. 
I watch you try hard to put on a good show to convience people that you are fine and capable of taking on more and doing everything for everyone. You guzzle energy drinks and espresso to help you fuel yourself forward so that you can accomplish much in a day. You focus on your to do list as your guide through world. Your ears are tuned into the frequency of this world; the applause, the praise, the requests for more of you. I look on with saddness because Dear Daughter, every time you give them more of you- there is less for me.

I have tried to reach out to you. I have sent you invitations that used to remind you of me and would cause you to seek me; a rainbow in the sky, a late-night thunderstorm, a small butterfly, your favorite song on the radio, and so many other small ways that I try to draw you in. However, recently you have been so busy racing through life that you have not noticed my fingerprints on your day. I long to tell you how much I miss you but when I call to you – you are either too distracted to hear me or too busy to stop. I created you with my hands. I breathed life into your body. I set your heart beating. I made you – and I miss you. 

I see that you are afraid to disappoint people and let them down. Sadly, you have bought into the lie that the more you do- the more you are worth. So you struggle to tell others no…. but in the process your health, your relationships, your walk with me are getting sidelined by “yes”s.  Dear Daughter– please remember that your worth is not defined by your accomplishments or your achievements but by the simple, unchanging fact that you are mine and you are loved by me.

There is no other “you” in all the world- no one else can take your place or fill my desire for time with you. No one else can do the things that I need you to do in this world- inside of the circle of influence that you live and lead in. I want you to slow down and take time to recharge your weary soul in my presence. I need you to seek my direction each day- not be dictated by a schedule or an agenda. Remember sweet one, that weariness is a sign that you are trying to operate out of your own strength instead of seeking out mine. 

Dearest Daughter, I pray these words pentrate your busy schedule today and you are able to slow down and look for my fingerprints. Look for the ways that I am personally reminding you of my love for you and your need for me. Let the pace of your life be set not by your priorities but by my presence- pace yourself dear daughter –do not drag behind me out of fear- or run ahead of me in impatience. Trust me enough to walk with me at the pace that I call and I will direct your days, reveal your tasks, and provide you the strength and energy needed to do what I am calling you to- nothing more- nothing less. 


Daddy God

Written by: Christie Love, Founder and Executive Director of LeadHer