Our LeadHer Local Coordinators are the hands and feet of our ministry! We place a high priority on equipping, supporting, and encouraging each of these amazing women to continue to grow and develop their leadership gifts for use inside and outside of their LeadHer Local Chapter! 

Here are a few of their stories about how leading a LeadHer Local Chapter has impacted them:

LeadHer allows me the opportunity to build relationships with other like minded women who encourage, strengthen, and challenge me to fully live out my faith in every area of my life. The ministry of LeadHer reminds me I influence and impact others everywhere I go and in everything I do. LeadHer calls me to live outside my comfort zone and follow God’s call on my life even when it’s hard. LeadHer definitely has a hugely positive impact on my faith, life, and leadership.

Alisa McKenzie

Coordinator, Bothell, WA Chapter

Being a LeadHer Coordinator has really made me grow in my faith and leadership skills. It has given me a confidence I have not had. I am more aware of those around me that I lead and to be able to be the best I can be.

Ida Harrison

Coordinator, St. Tammany, LA Chapter

My first LeadHer meeting Christie made the comment ” in order to get to where your going you must first know where your at.” That statement truly changed my life. Not only was I challenged with stepping my leadership up, but it also made me realize that I truly needed to value my true worth in Christ and start placing my true identity only in Him. Once you know your worth to God and start living in the truths that He says about you you become unstoppable. Not only are you able to fight off the enemy by what God says about you, but it enables you to love more, pray harder, and only seek after the true things of God. I learned not to only believe in God’s love but to also receive God’s love. That statement truly became my starting point to a testimony that God continues to write, and in doing so has allowed me to share with ladies my testimony and reveal how important it is to see your self through God’s eyes.

Larissa Embrey

Coordinator, Seymour, MO Chapter

Having the opportunity to be a LeadHer Coordinator God has opened doors for me to share the love of God, to encourage women, and just to be there for them if they need and ear to listen. My borders have been enlarged and my faith as been strengthened.

Tammy Register

Coordinator, Defuniak Springs, FL

LeadHer gave me a voice and also honed my skills and challenged and encouraged me. It has made me step up my personal time with God, because I’m responsible for others.

Amber Scott

Coordinator, Branson, MO Chapter

LeadHer has increased my faith as God has called me into a leadership role this year. I always thought I was too shy to be a leader, but as I trusted God to help me, along with the support of my co-coordinator, I am growing into the person God is calling me to be—more confident, outward-focused, and leaning on Him daily.

Joanne Clements

Coordinator, Binghamton, NY Chapter

My spiritual life has been profoundly changed through the monthly teachings, Leadher has opened doors of opportunity to meet very precious women whom I never would have known otherwise. Watching them grow and bloom has opened up a fresh passion in my heart to share the Love of God with others. Just last week a lady came to our meeting totally without hope because of life circumstances. After sharing her heart, ladies ministering to her and prayer, Jesus met her and she left lighthearted and peaceful. Seeing women touched by God’s amazing love is like no other experience. I am so thankful for the vision our leadership team has to impact women across the globe.

Diana Beier

Coordiantor, Carthage, MO Chapter

Leading a local chapter has given me an opportunity to use my gifts and abilities while also constantly challenging me to be pushed outside my comfort zone.

Katie Goldsmith

Coordinator, Bothell, WA Chapter

Being a LeadHer coordinator has helped me to be more understanding and compassionate. It has also encouraged me to choose my words more carefully, because they carry more weight. Pray-pare has been good for me. Praying is not a strong suit for me, sadly. It is helping me to be more consistent.

Sherrilee Lewis

Coordinator, Niceville, FL Chapter

I have seen the reward in being diligent to keep moving forward with something, of allowing yourself to be invested and vulnerable and trustworthy to keep showing up and being reliable to create that place for women to gather even through different seasons where you might not be “feeling it,” where others might not show up as much or at all for a while, etc. The fact that I have been purposely gathering women together is a God thing in itself – – – as I used to NOT be a fan of women due to issues with women being so hateful and catty, gossip, etc. I have come to LOVE gathering together with these ladies. And now over a year into it, remaining faithful with my commitment, seeing other women begin to see the value in LeadHer and wanting to get more involved and start new chapters is SO rewarding and exciting to see! I am SOOO thankful for the diligence the leadership of LeadHer has put in, and that they continue to put in, to make this available to so many women across the world and am incredibly grateful to be able to play a small part in that!

Cassie Bradley

Coordinator, Holden, MO Chapter

LeadHer pushes me to keep going. Especially when I don’t feel like I’m making any sort of difference for Christ. This months teaching has deeply impacted me, more than you’ll ever know. It pushes me to continue on in obedience. How can I lead if I’m not leading down the correct path/direction? It has helped bring purpose to my life. I love learning with the small group of ladies that make up the Crestview Chapter. I look forward to our times of fellowship.

Jolene Patterson

Coordinator, Crestview, FL Chapter

LeadHer has helped to open my eyes right at my back door. Literally. God has allowed me to see women who watched me grow up grow up in the Lord. These are women who have been in church their whole lives but were yet to be fully in Jesus. The blessing has been twofold. God’s shown me how great the need for Him is in the churched as well as the unchurched. And. He has shown me that I don’t want to look up one day and miss Him in simply going to church. LeadHer forces you to go deeper into the Word. To stretch and develop your faith muscles. To see the areas where you are lacking and allow Jesus to pour into you. LeadHer has restored my sense of community. My church home is a 25 minute commute away. And most of my time and energy was spent 25 minutes away focusing on my church community. But LeadHer has opened my eyes to the love and needs of Jesus’ girls in my backyard. LeadHer has helped me to understand why God planted me where He did!

Netta Gilchrist

Coordinator, Marietta, NC