Coordinator Video Resource Library


These are a collection of videos purposed for our coordinators only based off of questions we have been asked by you! This library is updated every month so check back often.

Chapter Details

What does it look like to be a LeadHer Coordinator?

What does a 1st and 2nd meeting of the month look like?

Who can attend a LeadHer Meeting?

What does leading a chapter cost and is it possible to have childcare available?

How can my chapter support LeadHer?

How do I mentor someone?

How do I follow up with chapter members and women I am inviting?

How do I transition the yearly theme in December/January?

Discussion during Chapter Meetings

How can I improve discussion in my chapter meetings?


How do I deal with discussion distractions?


How can I evangelize to someone in my meeting?


Social Media

How do I use social media for my chapter?

What is the difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook group?

CORE Team and Co-Leadership

How do I build and lead with a CORE team?

How do I find a Co-Coordinator?

How do I overcome challenges in my Co-Coordinator Team?

Growing and Multiplying Your Chapter

How do I reach out to women of different ages and from different churches?

How can I multiply my Chapter?

How can I help grow LeadHer as an organization?

Personal Leadership and Leadership Development

How can I prevent or treat burnout as a leader?

How do I lead when I’m in crisis?

How do I lead someone else who is in crisis?

The Church

How do I deal with personal hurt from the church?

What is the relationship between my LeadHer Chapter and my church?

How can I love and lead someone who has been hurt by the church?