Written by Kim Bausinger, Chapter Development Director. Connect with Kim on Facebook.

As a nine year old, I thought my big sister was a superhero, but she went away to college. By the time I was 22; had my first baby and was in need of mothering advice I knew she was a superhero! She was the one who listened to all my fears, heartaches, and joys. At 47, I firmly believe there is something amazing about sharing a cup of coffee on her porch overlooking the Ozark mountains, and talking about the pain of watching our children make choices we wish they wouldn’t and the pride when they make good ones, and raising grandchildren. We talk honestly; even if it’s not as often as we’d like.

Like all superheroes, my sister wants to help save the world.  She has a marriage based on Christian principles, a heart that is overflowing, & wisdom and grace beyond her years.  Why wouldn’t I want to share the things in my life with her, and get her input? The challenge that I have to ask myself is am I replacing God with my sister??  Am I spending time giving her my inner secrets instead of Him?  I am not saying talking to my sister is a bad thing, because she really is one of God’s jewels in my life. But the moment I recognize that I am telling her more than I am telling God, there is a problem.  God didn’t send my sister to replace Him.

One of my favorite visual images from the Psalms is in chapter 116 (ironically in our January teaching). The picture of The Almighty God listening for my voice, and bending his ear to hear my prayers.  Waiting for the victories, struggles and the small silly things of my day.

The second verse ends with a declaration that the author will pray as long as he has breath. Do you feel that way? Do you pour out everything within you to the listening ear of God? Do you write him letters in a journal that shares your thankfulness and anguish? Dear ones, this is what we are called to do.  We are called to give God all of those things, not a person.  If you have a sister like mine, you are blessed.  I honestly hope you do have someone like her.  However, there is a fine line between them being a confidant, and them being a false god.  It can be easy to start putting things out for others to weigh in on, because a lot of times we like their answers better; especially if there is no condemnation in them.  

Prayer, for me, is an ongoing conversation with God. He is more than happy to have a cup of coffee with me too!  Prayer doesn’t require anything more than the self discipline to talk to him rather than social media, the girlfriend gossip group, or my sister. It allows me to say the things I guard, so others won’t see when sin issues are a result of my own choices. A place to be more thankful and less selfish. It is a place where nothing I ask for is forgotten, ignored, or belittled. Where the answers blow me away by their minute details as well as their opulent grandeur.

So, do you need to sit down with the Father to begin a conversation?

Do you need to put Him in front of an earthly relationship?  

It’s not easy I know, but it’s so worth it.  

God can do things my superhero sister can not.  I must continue to make God more.  It’s what He wants, and what He created me to do.  

I challenge you to do the same today too.  

God is listening, so if you still have breath, why not start today?

He has his ear bent, waiting to hear from you.