Clothing Swap


Schedule your swap 3-6 months out

• Begin letting your chapter members know about the swap when you have selected     your date so they can pull clothes for the swap. Remind them at every meeting leading up to the event.
• 1 month out notify chapter of the drop off and set up time for the swap.Encourage all members to attend and participate even if they have nothing to swap. Everyone can use some new stuff.
• 1 week before the event begin inviting on social media, providing details such as date, drop of time, meeting start time, and items being collected.
• Make signs for each table with sizes: xs-small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large and above, 4 and under, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20+, shoes, jewelry, scarves and belts, swimsuits (we found that we will need 2 tables for large and x-large next time at our chapter)
• Decide where you will donate the extra clothes and make plan for delivery
• Day of event bring large black trash bags and grocery bags.
• Day of event arrive 2 hours prior to event so LeadHer’s can begin coming to put out clothes.
• Place signs on tables
• As LeadHer’s arrive with clothes show them where to place their clothes.( We had our LeadHer’s put out their own clothes)
• Create tickets with #’s of how many LeadHer’s you think you will have that night. It is better to have more than enough. Ex. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc…
• As the LeadHer’s check in for the meeting have them draw a numbered ticket. This ticket is the order in which they will shop.

• Meeting Agenda
1. Open with prayer
2. Go over Announcements and Shopping Rules
3. 5 women will shop at a time (based on # drawn)
4. Each group will have 5 minutes to shop each. Set a timer and give
5. Each woman will get to select 3 items (you can select this # based
6. After all #’s are called have open shopping time for 20 minutes or
7. After the women are done shopping have your LeadHer’s help you
8. Give your LeadHer’s the grocery bags for their arm load of clothes!
9. Do a devotion on clothing, sisterhood, sharing with others, etc…
10. Wrap up the evening with prayer
• Take donations to pre-selected charity.
• Solicit feedback from chapter and pre-pare for next years swap! updates on time left as the women are shopping. Other LeadHer’s can be visiting, eating, etc…on amount of clothes, just be sure to allow each woman attending to get a quality piece.) so, let the women collect all the items that they want. No limit, just fun! bag up the extra clothes to donate.


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