Regardless of our age, our position in life, our family circumstances or our faith- we all experience pain. After August’s first month meeting that was emotional and heavy for many of the members and coordinators, the local coordinators knew that God was up to something big.

MTheresaonday night, the group gathered in the sanctuary of Northbridge Church. The youngest, an eighth grader. The oldest, a grandmother. The variety of women represented a variety of stories, victories and pain. Each member was instructed to identify what one piece of their life, past or present that they struggled to surrender. What struggle did they assume kept them out of line with the will of God, or was too dark and twisted that it’s rightful place was under the rug. Encouraged to claim purpose over their pain, the members wrote on blank card stock a simple statement. “God will use…” followed by their identified pain.

And then, the challenge began.

Writing those words is one thing, physically claiming the Martipromise is another. The entire chapter ventured outside of the building. Worship music was blaring and each individual stood praying and reflecting. Many cried. Some shared with one another. And others simply stood there processing. As each woman came to a place where she found herself willing to at least try to claim the truth that God can use anything for His good, she made a victory lap around the church.

The significance of this simple activity was twofold. First- the physical action of walking around a building created a moment.One that connected pain, emotion, and struggle with victory. KerryIt was a moment that would become a memory and would serve as a beautiful reminder for the future moments of struggle that God’s promises are good, and that our promises are honored. As each woman claimed her truth- the began her lap heavy with emotion and thoughts. But they second she rounded the last corner, she wore a smile of hope and joy. Surrender. This leads us to the second purpose, and that was the often overlooked reminder that we do not walk through our journeys alone. As each woman rounded the corner, she was greeted with applause and cheers form her LeadHer sisters. No woman walked her lap completely alone.

DenelleOften times, our struggles surpass our ability to hope. We become worn out and exhausted from fighting the battles we face. We may believe that God has a purpose, but sometimes it is hard to remember that in a moment of uncertainty and frustration. We all need something to remind us, something we can look back on to remember that the God who created the heavens and the earth, who parted the waters of the Red Sea and who rose from the dead is the same God that cares about your struggle.

So claim your promise. Claim your truth. You were made for so much more than this. Believe in purpose. Believe in the future. And remember that you never walk alone.