As a ministry our team has created this prayer that we use often:

prayer of LeadHer

One of the books that has deeply impacted me personally is Mark Batterson’s The Circle MakerAs a visual person that book and the illustration that it gave of drawing circles around your prayers connected with me- as did the story of Honi the Circlemaker who stood in his prayer circle until God answered his cries.

One of my favorite lines in the book that really challenged our team was, “If our prayers aren’t specific, however, God gets robbed of the glory that He deserves because we second-guess whether or not He actually answered them.” (Batterson) We were impacted by this idea of specific prayers and began to look at ways to make our prayers for LeadHer more specific and more focused.

Instead of  just praying for God to multiply our ministry we felt prompted to ask Him… where he wanted to multiply our chapters. So when we started 2014 our team came together in prayer to ask God to give us a list of specific locations that were in need of a LeadHer chapter for us to focus on praying for. We had always prayed for God to grow our chapters and expand our vision to impact the church by equipping women- however we wanted to take time to listen to God’s direction for areas He was leading us to plant chapters by the end of this year. Over the course of weeks and months the following list came together in the prayer journals of our leadership:

*Raleigh, NC
*Washington State
*Dallas, TX area
*South Florida
*Grand Rapids, MI
*South Carolina
*St. Louis
*Oklahoma City
*Kansas City
*Columbia, MO
*Waco, TX
*Bolivar, MO
*Des Moines, IA
*Joplin, MO

Our chapters are free to start, and able to be started in any city where a team of women feel God calling them to step out to encourage and equip women in their area.  We are not ONLY starting chapters in these cities and states this year… these are simply some areas that God has on our hearts in a very heavy way!

Lives are changed, churches are strengthened, and communities are impacted when a LeadHer Local chapter is started. Women ages 14-104 are gathered together- not separated by age or life stage to talk about and wrestle with the same issues from different perspectives.  Chapters unite women from different churches, different backgrounds, and different walks of life to learn how to focus on what makes us the same instead of letting our differences divide us. We have seen women find their purposes, discover their gifts, and be challenged to see her personal impact on the world around her. We have talked to churches who have seen their attendance grow, new ministries started, and a new level of passion and purpose ignited in their congregations as women have plugged into a LeadHer chapter. We have heard stories of how chapters impacted their communities by feeding the homeless, ministering to the needy, and giving hope to the hopeless.  We are praying for God to open doors to allow us to plant THIRTY new chapters by the end of 2014- in these specific areas and others as God leads.

We share this list with you today to ask you to do two things: 1) Join us in praying for this list of areas where we feel God calling us to plant chapters before the end of the year. 2) Share this post with women you may know in one or more of these areas and invite them to learn more about LeadHer Local and what it means to start and lead a chapter in their area.

Want to learn more about starting a chapter in your area? Click the button below and prayerfully consider joining the movement that God is doing THROUGH women in homes, churches, and communities from coast to coast! start a chapter button