Have been asked to consider your church supporting LeadHer by a member or coordinator of a local chapter?

If so, here is a little bit of background about who LeadHer is: We are an international, inter-denominational women’s ministry that is focused on challenging women to grow in their faith and leadership skills. We do this through the context of our LeadHer Local chapters which meet twice a month in more than thirty communities in four countries. These chapters are open to women of all ages, denominations, faith backgrounds, and walks of life. Our chapters are 100% free for women to connect with, there is no membership fee that they are ever required to pay to participate.

We have seen time and time again the power of God working through the relationships formed in a LeadHer chapter that have helped women decide to follow Jesus for the first time, come back to him after a time where they pushed away, or discover their purpose and the courage to step out and follow God in new bolder ways.

When you partner with LeadHer through monthly supporter you are helping us do these following things:

1. Partner with us to share the gospel in a relational context where women not only hear the truth but are also discipled to grow spiritually.

3. Enable us to offer free training to women who step out to become a LeadHer Local Coordinator in their community. We walk beside new coordinators every step of their journey to launch a new chapter.

5. Allow us to offer world-class leadership development and continuing education to our LeadHer Coordinators. We offer ongoing mentoring programs, curriculum classes, and special events for our coordinators. The goal of these programs is to ensure that the women leading our chapters continue to grow and develop themselves spiritually and in their leadership as they challenge other women to do the same.

2. Keep our LeadHer Local chapters free for women to join. This enables; single moms, college students, and women with limited means connect without any obligation or restriction.

4. Equip women to seek out God’s calling for their life and boldly follow him in following his directions. We have seen LeadHer members commit to mission trips, enroll in seminary, create parachurch organizations, volunteer to combat social justice issues, become an advocate for others in need, and step into new roles of service inside the walls of their local churches.

If your church is interested in signing up to support LeadHer through monthly giving, we invite you to click here to set up reoccurring giving,

or you can mail support to: LeadHer, PO Box 8884, Springfield, MO 65801