Written By:

Christie Love, Founder and Executive Director of LeadHer

As we all settle into another new year, I want to challenge you to go through 2017 with motivation to chase the call that God has put on your life.

Some of you may have read that first sentence and automatically have thought that this blog is not for you because you don’t have a “calling”. If that was the case, hang with me for a moment and allow me to respectfully challenge you. I am an advocate for the truth that EVERY person has a purpose. If you are still living and breathing than I believe it is because God has a reason for you. That reason- that thing that you and you alone can do on this side of eternity… that is your calling.

There is something in you- it’s in each of us; a divine spark. It is that something that ignites in your soul when you talk about an issue that is near to your heart. It is that something that sparks in your heart when you read about or see a problem in our world that you feel called to take action for. It is that holy tug that you feel towards something much bigger than yourself.

The enemy of your soul would love nothing more than for you to believe the lie that you are not called to anything. He wants you to settle into a comfortable apathetic existence where you do not chase anything. Keeping Christians in this posture is his most effective pathway to victory in our world.

He knows the truth… that EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. On this planet was created by God with a plan and purpose in mind for them. He knows better than anyone that all of us have a divine spark in us – and he will do anything he can to keep you from feeling it or chasing it!

The most common way that he tries to kill the chase in us is by stirring up the feeling of disqualification in our spirit. He then whispers lies into our souls to constantly reinforce that feeling of disqualification again and again until we believe that it is truth.

If the enemy has bound you to the untruth that you are disqualified- allow me to speak truth into you today:

Age doesn’t cause callings to expire.

You are never too old or too young to chase the call that ignites passion in your heart.

Gender doesn’t disqualify you from a passionate purpose.

God calls and uses men and women alike and asks them both to work together to chase the call on their lives.

Education doesn’t determine your dreams.

Perhaps you have let a lack of degree sideline you from the chase of your calling- if so let this be the year that you look at going back to school if needed or starting from where you are right now.

Income doesn’t dictate the value you have in God’s eternal plan.

When money is tight and support is small- chase the call. It is God’s job to provide for what he purposes so don’t get so focused on the bottom line that it stops you or slows you.

Lack approval from others cannot justify lack of activity on our part.

When those who love you don’t agree with you- chase the call. Remember it is not their approval that matters in the end.

Don’t wait for someone else to step out with you; obedience is a person action between you and God.

When you find yourself walking alone- chase the call; trust that God himself will never leave or forsake you.

My prayer for myself and for each of you this new year is that we will be willing to fan the flames of the divine spark in our souls.

I pray that our hearts and minds are in tune with our Heavenly Father that he may show us our callings and the places that he needs to leverage our talents and our passions this year.

May we be full of a holy boldness to chase the call that God has put on our lives no matter what it may cost us or require of us.

I pray for each of us to tap into the God-given endurance to persist past obstacles.

I pray for each of us to cultivate a commitment to trust God even when we don’t understand where he is leading us.

I pray for community between believers that will encourage and support the holy abandon of God’s people in the pursuit of God’s purposes.

I pray for an army of call chasers to rise up and follow God’s unique plan and purpose for their lives! May we live and lead from a place of total obedience and willingness to be used by God as he needs each and every day.

I am committing to chasing my call in 2017– will you join me?