By Hannah Cameron, LeadHer International Program Director


Last week, we officially announced the launch of LeadHer International. That final click of the mouse that would get the message out to the world came so quickly, not at all symbolic of the process that enabled us to do so. Leadher International goes so much deeper than what has transpired over the last couple of weeks. It’s been stirring longer than people who follow us on social media were aware, it goes farther back than when there was even an International Director in place to take ownership of the program, the truth is it goes back to a time before a global impact was even on our radar. This was not a decision made on a whim or even one with months of preparation. God has been preparing us for this before He even brought it to the surface of our hearts. The decision to enlarge our territory of influence to impact women globally was a result of something God had implanted in us  long before we even recognized it was there. When God moves in and through us, it’s because what He’s planted in us is ready to be birthed. Just as a baby isn’t born before there’s a pregnancy, so it is with the desires of our heart. There is a time of preparation that must come before our dreams are made reality.

LeadHer International’s preparation season has been as long as the existence of LeadHer. Nearly five years ago, God placed the need for consistent connection and discipleship for women on Founder and Executive Director, Christie Love’s heart. The solution to this? LeadHer Local. At LeadHer local chapter meetings, women are challenged in their faith through biblical teaching and connection to others. They are inspired to see themselves as leaders and challenged to use their influence to impact the community around them. The message of LeadHer doesn’t lend itself to borders or limitations based on location, reaching only certain groups of women, or a narrow vision. There are currently 27 chapters from coast to coast meeting twice a month. While we celebrate the life transformations that have occurred, we can’t quite be content with not broadening our sphere of influence as LeadHer chapter members are so often challenged to do.

As the teaching has gone forth in our chapters, and LeadHer has been a tool used across the country to create community between women and call out the leader in them, we find ourselves as a core team being challenged to continue to extend our gaze outside of our bubbles to the world around us. We believe women everywhere deserve the same opportunities, so if it’s in our capability at all, we cannot in right conscience ignore the rest of the world and be exclusive in our outreach. Since the prayers have gone forth to expand internationally, since God has surfaced the burden in our heart, He has been faithful to provide the resources, to provide the partnerships, and to provide the contacts to make this happen. When His will becomes the desire of our heart, He gives us the fuel to activate us to cause His will go forth.

Though LeadHer International has been a process five years in the making, the word that was initially spoken to Christie hasn’t changed. The burden that God caused her to carry five years ago isn’t any different today. It’s just that the ripple effect is now reaching international waters. Our message is the same, our territory has been enlarged. Don’t be surprised if the vision God gives you turns out to be way bigger than you ever imagined. That’s kind of how God does things, because His ways are not our ways. We may have blurry vision at first and not be able to see the big picture just yet, but as we lean into what God has spoken to us, He continues to sharpen our focus and show us a different perspective. Once we take responsibility for the piece He’s shown us, He’s faithful to reveal more when the time is right. Continue to allow Him to paint on the canvas of your heart. He’s painting a beautiful picture that He’s entrusting you to protect and deliver to the world!


Would you or someone you know be interested in learning how to bring a LeadHer Local chapter to their country? Follow this link ( to our website where you can fill out an application, and we will contact you!