Post by Christie Love, Founder and Executive Director of LeadHer

I haven’t blogged for a couple of months here on our LeadHer blog.

My absence has not been a lack of discipline or motivation. It has not been a case of writer’s block or a loss of words to share. Rather, it has been an intentional response to a tough season of transition in my life and my leadership.

Two months ago our family felt God calling us away from our church home, where I had an active leading and teaching role. This was a difficult step of obedience that we felt was needed to take to stay in the center of God’s will; however, it was also the first step on a journey with an unknown destination.

It has been a season to lament the loss of specific hopes.

It has been a season to seek God deeply for direction.

It has been a season of healing from hurts and disappointment.

It has been a season to trust that when God asks us lay something down it is because there is something else he needs us to be open to receive in the future.

It has also been a season of intentional silence for me.

In an age where leaders are often prone to processing our thoughts and feelings online for the world to see… My choice to step back and spend some time quietly processing with God runs against the tide of normalcy.

For those of you who have been a part of LeadHer for any length of time, you know that I always strive to be transparent and authentic. However, I am also a big believer in seeking God for both direction and his timing on situations -and right now- he has made it clear that I am to be processing our experience prayerfully and privately.

I look forward to sharing more; on this platform and others as I feel directed from God to do so about our experience and our insights from this journey. I am confident that the lessons I am learning in this season will be the raw material that God will use to; build new avenues of church ministry for our family, develop a deeper passion to advocate for women in the church, and expand the vision and voice of LeadHer around the globe.

For today, I wanted to break my silence by sharing with you what I do feel released to emphasize – that is the importance of this month’s LeadHer Local theme about developing a prayerful perspective.

During this season of my life prayer has been critical and instrumental.

Prayer has been my source of strength.

Prayer has been my compass.

Prayer has been the place to discuss my questions.

Prayer has been the place to intercede for the global church- who I love deeply.

Prayer has been a place to find release.

Prayer has been a source of friendship.

Prayer has been the place to receive confirmation and assurance.

Prayer has been the posture to process emotions and feelings.

Prayer has been a place to develop new vision for the future.

Prayer has been the steering wheel guiding us where we need to be.

Prayer has been a privilege.

Prayer has been a comfort.

All this year in our LeadHer Local chapters we are talking about the power of prayer. I have always been a big believer in prayer and the important role it plays in our relationship with God. However, my recent experiences have given me a renewed passion for the critical necessity for believers to develop a perspective of prayer.

I am breaking my silence to encourage those of you that are in a season of hurting and healing as well. Your pain may be a personal pain, it may come from the headlines, it may be a burden you carry on behalf of another, or born out of your own challenging circumstances. Whatever you face today, I want to speak into you from, not from the mountaintop, but from beside you on the climb out of the valley… and tell you confidently that prayer matters, prayer works, and prayer is the best response in all circumstances and at all times.

It has been through prayer that God has spoken truth to my mind to combat the lies of the enemy.

It has been through prayer that God has stoked the fire of my passion to see women be challenged to grow in their faith and leadership.

It has been through prayer that God has reminded me that he does not make mistakes when he calls or when he gifts.

It has been through prayer that God has directed us to a new church home.

It has been through prayer that God has spoken clearly to my heart… The time for silence is over. I gave you a voice and a passion… It’s time to begin to speak up and speak out.

In an effort to follow that clear holy direction, there will be a few changes in the next few months:

  • There will be more posts on our LeadHer blog as I am personally committed to an increased writing schedule of one post a week.
  • The posts here on our blog will also broaden a bit in topic and scope. We will continue to tell powerful stories from our LeadHer chapters, expanded thoughts on our teaching videos, invite topical guest posts, and share information and announcements about our organization here; however, there will also be more posts about the church, the importance of women, and the value of the female voice and perspective.
  • I will also be doing more writing for other like-minded platforms and publications as well as developing some additional tools and resources for women in leadership. To stay connected with some of these exciting “bonus” projects for me- I invite you to connect with me on Twitter or my new personal Facebook page.


I love women and the unique, relational way that God has created and positioned us to influence and impact the world for Him!

I love The Church and believe in her purpose and mission to reach the lost, love our neighbors, and disciple believers to follow Jesus charge to be world changers!

I love LeadHer and the opportunity that God has given me to build it and use it as a kingdom tool to challenge and strengthen women worldwide!

It is good to be back at the keyboard and I look forward to sharing again next week… Until then… I leave you with a verse that I have camped on personally for the last couple of months:

So take a new grip with your tired hands and strengthen your weak knees. Mark out a straight path for your feet so that those who are weak and lame will not fall but become strong.” Hebrews‬ ‭12:12-13‬ ‭NLT‬‬

No matter what you face today:

Take a new grip on God’s promises through prayer.

Receive a steady stream of God’s strength through prayer.

Allow your weak knees to be steadied in the posture of prayer.

Find direction and guidance to God’s straight paths through prayer.

Tap into God’s unlimited strength to keep moving forward through prayer.