Written by Christie Love, Founder of LeadHer
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I like so many Americans, was glued to the television, watching last night’s events in Ferguson, MO while repeatedly refreshing my Twitter feed to read new updates and insights. I felt a growing heaviness in my spirit as I navigated the cultural commentary that is social media. The issue of race is still very much a real issue in this country- without a doubt- events like last night remind us all of that. Sadly it, and many other divisive issues like it are avoided and side-stepped for fear of saying the wrong thing or being interrupted the wrong way. Our world has big problems and is in need of big change. So many of us look at this need and shake our heads saying,”That is bigger than anything I can do something about.” However, that is not truth… big change begins with small changes and each of us can change something. 

Here are 5 small changes that each of us can make that can begin to bring about the big change that we hope and pray for in this country:

change1. Do not stick your head in the sand. Some of the posts that broke my heart more than any others last night were those that went on as if nothing was happening in the world around them. If we want to be effective at reaching the world around us we need to be sensitive to what is happening in the world around us. Don’t ignore a need or a problem simply because you do not feel directly involved.

2. Change the way that you pray. Instead of just praying for other people and how they are reacting to this situation… ask God to reveal to you how you can respond to this situation with those around you.

3. Have conversations. Do not shy away from talking about this or other tough topics with the people in your life. Be willing to talk about feelings, perspectives, and ways that you can get involved with your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, small groups, leadership teams, etc.  Remember that having a conversation means being willing to share your feelings and thoughts respectively and listen respectively to the thoughts and feelings of others.  Talk about ways that you can reach out in your community, use your leadership to make a difference, change your activities, and work together.

4. Think before you post. Your words have power and impact on those who read them. It is important to think twice and post once on social media at all times- it is especially important when you are sharing your thoughts and feelings about critical social situations.

5.  Follow THE example and then be an Example. Leadership is setting an example for others to follow- it is blazing a trail for others that come behind you to use to navigate. For believers, we have a strong example to follow in issues of cultural struggles and differences- Jesus. This world is in need of men and women that are willing to first follow Jesus’s example and second reflect this example to those around them. Be willing to not just talk about the issues… but like Jesus- be moved to action.

If every believer was willing to make small changes in their own lives… how big would that impact be on the lives of countless others? 

It has always been our heart at LeadHer to unite women in our local chapters regardless of age, life stage, church affiliation, color, or background. We work to train local coordinators and equip them to build a gathering place in their communities to do life together, to support one another, to challenge one another, to share different viewpoints with one another, and to encourage women to be the change that they want to see in the world around them. Know that the same conversations we are challenging you to have today with those closest to you- are the exact ones we are having with our leadership team and local coordinators as well. It is our prayer that our LeadHer Local chapters can be a small part of a big change in this country.

Remember… we may not be able to do everything- but we can all do something. What will you change today?