written by Vanessa Wohl, LeadHer Development Director

I was on vacation traveling from Missouri to Florida.  I got to see mountains with fog that looked like smoke.  There was flat lands with trees for miles, and other places with trees sporadically dusting the landscape.  My husband and I made the almost 1800 mile one-way trip to Port Canaveral, FL.

In Port Canaveral, we ported to cruise to the Bahamas.  Yes, the water is a gorgeous blue and it is clear.  Someone compared it to Blue Kool-Aid.  The cruise was amazing, the food was delectable, and the atmosphere was electric.  None of that compared to what we saw after the cruise.

Once back on land, we decided to camp out by the ocean. While camping, we decided to go see some of the sites of Port Canaveral.  One of those sites was Kennedy Space Center.  Apollo and Saturn rockets, the launch pads, and so much more were amazing to look at.  But none of that compared to the breathtaking moment we laid eyes on Atlantis Space Shuttle.

The Space Shuttle Atlantis was a new kind of shuttle for her time.  She could go into outer space, and come back, and go back again. She journey 33 times in about 26 years.  She carried over 200 crew members during her life journey to and from space.  She is an icon of American honor, and she retired and landed one last time in 2011, retiring for the next generation of space age to come forth.

We had the privilege to journey from room to room as we were infiltrated with the history of Atlantis Space Shuttle.  From idea, to building, to first launch, to final landing, we had the privilege to see Atlantis Space Shuttle’s life journey.  The defining moment was when we looked through a screen and there she was in all her glory, Atlantis. The screen moved and we had the privilege and honor to walk in and see her face to face, so to speak.  The moment just took my and my husband’s breath away.  We were in awe.

On the almost 1800 mile trek back home, we had plenty of time to talk.  We talked about Atlantis and all her glory for a great deal, until my husband said something so profound.  He said, “Imagine if we feel this strongly about a space shuttle, how it will feel when we stand face to face with God Almighty.”  That started the conversation about being in the presence of God now.

I realized it has been awhile since I felt my breath taken away by being in the presence of God. Sure, I spent time with Him on the cruise.  There is something eerily beautiful about the sun coming up over the horizon and reflecting over the ocean, knowing God created it.  But I am talking about something deeper here.  The presence of God in a place where I forget where He begins and I end.  A place I am so lost in Him that I just forget me.

Vacation was amazing.  Atlantis was breathtaking.  But, I never want any earthly thing or any of God’s creation to take place of my fascination with Him.  I want to be so enamored with Him, that my reaction to Atlantis Space Shuttle pales in comparison. I want my life to overflow so strongly with His presence that others see and feel Him through me.  I want my life to be a living testimony of Him.  I want to be lost completely in His presence, not to imagine it for Heaven only, but live and breathe it here on earth.

My encouragement to each of you, find your fascination in the One who loves you most.  Find your breath taken away by the One who gave His last breath for you.  Find your hope and joy in the presence of the One who allows you to boldly come to His throne of grace.  Find yourself in a place where you forget where He begins and you end, where the lines are blurred because He is overwhelming you with His love.  Find yourself in Him, and let the world see Him in you.