By Hannah Cameron, LeadHer International Program Director


Sharing stories help us grow. They are a source of encouragement. They tell of what once was and the final outcome. They express a work in progress. They are life giving. Often times, I believe, we share our needs, we ask for prayer, we share our long-term vision, but we forget to update others on the stories along the way that are contributing to the big picture.

Many are aware of the launching of our international program and our reasoning behind it. It was a very public thing, because we believed there were others who were supposed to come alongside us and support us in many ways. I have had many ask me for updates about where LeadHer International is treading since the launch. So, I want to tell you just one story (for today) about what God is doing internationally through LeadHer.

Nearly a year ago, there was a pastor who contacted LeadHer about bringing our program to his church and community in India. At the time, our international program was only a goal for the new year and not established or developed. He was told that we would contact him when it was up and running, but we were not prepared to cross international borders just yet. His contact information was saved, and we continued on with our preparations. When I came on staff to fill the new position of International Director in early October, I reached out to this pastor. It was a follow up and us being true to our word, but if I’m being honest, my faith was a little low that he would even respond much less still be on board with moving toward launching a LeadHer Local chapter in his area. So much time had passed after all. He not only promptly responded but was still eager to collaborate to make that happen.

Many notes have been exchanged since that initial e-mail. There were moments when I was anticipating it being the last one. Since the international program is still very young, we’re in many areas taking a “learn as we go” approach. We’re figuring out which guidelines don’t translate easily internationally and which ones still need implemented. This pastor has been so patient in his interactions with us and has cooperated graciously. For example, since we are a ministry to and for women, we feel strongly that women should be our chapter coordinators. It’s important to us that we stay in contact with her as she leads, and we communicated that to him. His wife has stepped up to lead and is currently in the training process and is expected to launch our first chapter in India (second chapter outside of the United States) in early 2016!

God is working. God is calling women worldwide to lead, and we look forward to challenging them to be obedient to that call. This is just one example of the many connections God has made for us. We commit to sharing these stories with you along the way, because, we believe if you’re reading this, you’re a part of our story. Plus, we want to give glory to God every chance and in every way we can, because only He could have written a story like this one. 

Now, go share your story! What is God doing in your life? It may not seem very big. It may come in the form of an e-mail or an answer to a seemingly insignificant prayer. Give glory to God anyway. Everything we have belongs to Him, and He deserves all the praise. Encourage someone with your story today. Breathe life into someone else’s darkness through your testimony.