LeadHer believes that all women have the potential to

influence, affect and unite the world for God’s glory

Our Heart

We believe that God designed women with an unique capacity to connect and influence others relationally. However, as women we often don’t always recogonize and cultivate this God-given capacity for leadership. By getting involved in LeadHer women of all ages, denominations, and life experiences are challenged to discover God’s divine design for them and to intentionally steward it daily to impact the world around them for Christ. Our heart is to challenge women to grow in three key areas: 

1. Their Faith

2. Their Leadership

3. Their Relationships

Click on each area below to learn how our organization strives to develop women in these three areas:


Our LeadHer Local chapter meetings are centered on discipleship and faith development. 

Each of our chapters meet twice a month and are open to women of all ages, denominations, and walks of life. 

During the first meeting of each month all of our chapters watch and discuss the same Bible-based teaching. While the second meeting of each month looks different for each chapter as their coordinator has the flexiblity to plan activities, time to connect, community service, and deeper discussion.

To explore further how our chapters challenge women to grow in their faith, we encourage you to: 

Watch past teaching videos

Watch some stories from our members

And when your ready to get connected: 

Find a chapter near you



The women who start chapters in their community are called Local Coordinators. For these amazing women, have built a comprehensive program to support, challenge and develop them in their leadership.

After completing our inital relationally-based virtual traning program coordinators can choose to get involved in our mentoring program as well as our optional Coordinator Academy that offers quarterly classes to our leaders on a wide range of topics.

We also host two virtual retreats a year for our coordinators to allow other great friends and leaders to speak into the lives and leadership of the women leading chapters around the globe. 

We train women to recognize and develop the leadership potential of women who attend their chapters by developing leadership teams to help them grow their chapter in their community. Some of these leaders may one day go on to lead additional chapters nearby to help expand a chapter’s influence and reach in a region. 

We believe that LeadHer is a premier platform for training and developing women as gospel-centered leaders to impact their communities, churches, workplaces, and relationships.

Want to learn more? We invite you to check out what some of our current and past coordinators say about how LeadHer has challenged them to develop as a leader:

Check out the top 10 reasons to be a Coordinator. 

Read some of our Coordinator Alumni stories as they share how LeadHer has impacted their leadership journey. 

Want to be a part of this amazing team of coordinators worldwide?

Click here to learn how to start a chapter in your community! 


We strive to create community and relationships between women of all ages, denominations, backgrounds, and walks of life. 

Community through our Chapters

This is done through our LeadHer Local chapters as women connect with others who attend meetings and get involved. Friendships that bridge generations, race, church membership, and life situations are born and developed at our twice a month chapter meetings. 

We also challenge all of our chapters to participate in at least one community service project a year to help them also build relationships, not only with one another, but also with the community that they are a part of.

Through our monthly teachings and challenges we also encourage women to be more intentional in cultivating the exsisting relationships in their life and look for ways to lead within them.

Community for our Coordinators

We always tell our LeadHer Coordinators that they do not lead alone when they become part of the LeadHer Coordinator Community they have oppertunity to network and build relationships with other women leading chapters in other areas. 

We encourage women to get to know one another, share ideas, learn from experiences, and lift one another up in prayer. 

Want to learn more about the relational nature of LeadHer? We invite you to read some of these blog posts that share stories of members and chapters who have grown relationally: 

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Nashville, TN- a chapter activated to serve. 


Want to connect with our team, ask questions, and learn more? Join us on either the second or fourth Monday of each month at 11:00 AM CST for an interactive informational call!

All of our LeadHer Local chapters are free to shart and free to join! We are able to do this because of the amazing individuals, churches, business, and chapters who choose to give monthly to support our vision of growing women worldwide.