LeadHer is Challenging Women of All Ages to Grow in their 

Faith, Leadership, and Relationships



Our Heart

God designed women with a deep need to connect with others through relationships. However, as women we often accept cultural and personal limitations on our callings and on God’s desire to use our relationships, our gifts, and our passions for his purposes. LeadHer believes that all women have the potential to influence, affect and unite the world for God’s glory.

By getting involved in LeadHer women of all ages, denominations, and experiences of faith are challenged to understand their God-given purpose and to steward it daily.

LeadHer Local Chapters are open to women ages 14-114. Chapters meet twice a month and are 100% free for you to connect with. By getting involved in an existing chapter you will find you are part of more than just a women’s Bible Study- you become part of a movement of passionate women who are striving to go deeper in their walk with God, better develop their leadership skills, and intentionally build community and relationships!

Our big prayer is to have a LeadHer Local chapter within driving distance of every woman. If there is not yet a LeadHer chapter in your community than we invite you to prayerfully consider starting one.

Our goal is to give our coordinators the perfect balance of structure and flexibility. With LeadHer, you will get training, support, community with other coordinators, materials, and mentoring all to help you not only grow your chapter- but also grow you as a LeadHer as well!

LeadHer Local chapters are free for women to start or to join!

We do not want a membership fee or registration cost to stand between any women and her ability to find and develop the LeadHer inside of her.

You can help us start new chapters and support our exsisting chapters worldwide by checking out Shop.LeadHer.org 

This site has LeadHer merchandise, used books, links to our eBay auction listings, great deals on children’s books and more! All proceeds benefit LeadHer and our mission to challenge women worldwide to grow in their faith and leadership.

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Written by Holly Madden, LeadHer Local Director. Connect with Holly on Instagram. Imagine Sarah as a young woman. She has been married now for many years and still... no child. Each month brings the same constant reminder … she is  barren. Imagine Abraham each month...

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A Jealous Love

It’s Valentine’s day…the day of love and romance. If you walk into Target or Wal-Mart right now you will get hit in the face by stuffed animals, chocolates, and flowers. You will quickly be reminded of your desire to be pursued, loved, and fought for. Let’s be honest...

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Unity of Chapter and Church

When LeadHer Local Asheville NC launched, it was a chapter with a dual purpose. First, it was meant to grow and challenge the women in the local church that hosted this chapter. It was also meant to serve as an avenue for the local church to serve the community. Over...

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