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LeadHer has a passion to elevate The Church and it’s God-given role to radically impact the world with the Gospel. We believe that a Christian’s involvement in a church body is essential to growing and developing as a follower of Christ. We know that God has great plans for His Church. However, in many instances The Church has fallen short of fulfilling those plans by allowing complacency, comfort, and competitiveness distract them from their God-given mission to change the world. Our deep passion for the church has cultivated a strong desire to come alongside The Church to join them in challenging believers to become intentional about their impact and ability to change the world and spread The Word.


Our Focus
LeadHer has prayerfully targeted women because they represent the majority of church attendees in today’s typical US congregation in all major denominations. We also direct our chapters towards women because of the relational way that God has designed women to influence and impact others around her. We believe that when you challenge a woman to see her influence and intentionally live to impact the world around her for Christ- her family, her friends, her workplace, her community, and her church are profoundly changed.

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