Our Heart

We believe that God designed women with an unique capacity to connect and influence others relationally. However, as women we often don’t always recogonize and cultivate this God-given capacity for leadership. By getting involved in LeadHer women of all ages, denominations, and life experiences are challenged to discover God’s divine design for them and to intentionally steward it daily to impact the world around them for Christ.

Our heart is to challenge women to grow in three key areas:  their Faith, their Leadership, and their Relationships

We invite you to learn more about how our organization strives to develop women in these three areas below:

Growing Women in their Faith

Our LeadHer Local chapter meetings are centered on discipleship and faith development for women of all ages, denominations, and walks of life.

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Developing Women in their Leadership

The women who start chapters in their community are called Local Coordinators. For these amazing women, have built a comprehensive program to support, challenge and develop them in their leadership.

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Connecting Women in Relationships

We strive to create community and relationships between women of all ages, denominations, backgrounds, and walks of life. This is done through our LeadHer Local chapters as women connect with others who attend meetings and get involved. Friendships that bridge generations, race, church membership, and life situations are born and developed at our twice a month chapter meetings.

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